Connect your wallet and choose Metamask or Wallet Connect if you are using another wallet (ledger included). Select the amount of NFTs you would like to Mint & press the Mint button.

Your NFT is connected to your wallet. You can easily see your NFT by connecting your wallet to opensea.io and searching in your collection.

To evolve your NFT, simply compound your staking rewards. You will see your evolution meter grow each time that you compound your rewards. Once evolved, your NFT will be replaced with it's evolution and your staking rewards will automatically increase.

- Exclusive access to V2 staking (ETH/USDC rewards)
- Gamified utility in the Metabrawl Inu game
- Increasing staking rewards through evolution
- Self determining rarity through evolution
- Access to Hulk Inu whale chat
- Profit sharing of Hulk Inu Comic Studio
- 0% Buy/Sell tax for Hulk Inu in Perpetuity
- Lottery ticket for our giveaways
- Free Hulk Inu merch

You can sell your NFT on opensea.io by listing your NFT to be purchased by another investor. You can also list your NFT on our NFT Marketplace to be listed in the future.